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Cyber Risks – How to protect against them

Nowadays it is unimaginable to do without internet. It helps simplifying procedures, searching Information and in communication. But unfortunately it has not only advantages!

Everybody knows the terms “Computer Virus”, “Trojan” or “Phishing-Mail”, but most people do not know what is hidden behind these terms and which possibly could be the consequences of such “infections” or how to protect against them.

The topic “Security on the net” is very present in media. Or shall we rather call it “Insecurity”? The danger is real and has changed over the last years. In the past it were mostly huge attacks against millions of computers, today we have to fear increasing deliberate cyber attacks against individuals, companies and governments, as the German Bundestag had to experience recently.

According to crime statistics the registered cases of Cyber attacks against companies are increasing from year to year and attain alarming proportions. In 2015 the “Cyber Risk” is on place No 5 on the list of the biggest endangerments for companies of all sizes and branches, middle-sized and publicly owned.

What can you do?
How can you protect against the consequences of a virtual attack?
Which of the existing individual insurances of your enterprise already offers parts of Cyber insurance?

Please turn to an employee of TRUST for advice regarding precaution against Cyber attacks. The prevention counseling and the actual insurance policies as well as the insurance coverage should reflect the complexity of Cyber risks for companies. Insurance industry has developed adequate and especially for your individual requirements fitted insurance solutions for your Cyber security. These insurance solutions cover liability claims, business interruption loss and cost damage.

With an additional Cyber insurance your enterprise is protected against

  • Your own data loss as well as the loss of data of your partners and clients
  • Violations of data privacy laws
  • Hacker attacks
  • Installation of malicious software
  • Blackmailing through Hacker
  • Business interruptions
  • Violations of personal rights as well as of intellectual property

We can combine services as preventative consultation, crisis communication and reputation protection with by TRUST offered insurance products. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are well prepared to submit you a customized offer for your individual needs!

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